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Tiny Songs Volume 1

by Rosie Tucker

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Baby I'm wet On the inside on account of the blood I'm gonna let The mosquitos drink me all the way up Don't get upset I was joking about wanting to Baby I'm wet And I know you kinda like when I cry
graveyard 00:47
I can see the graveyard from my bathroom Ceiling plaster chipping in the shower Heavy like the water on my shoulders All the things I never got to ask ya like How did you get so far away When did you get so gone?
My eyes are bigger than my stomach I want you bad I want you bad
I was born before there were six billion people And in six billion seconds I'll be long long dead In a plot, left to rot Overwritten and forgotten And undying in declaring that you're Fucking full of shit Hot spring is a hole in the dirt Plotting my return to the earth Naked as the day I was Naked as the day I was Buried in a pile of you
gap toothed 00:39
Gap toothed, praying to satan If nothing is sacred how do you explain it The hair in the sink and the takeout containers Yeah nothing is good but i'm actually better And if it's with you I could do this forever
Getting better sucks shit You could use the practice I can fit my whole fist in my mouth Take a phrase and twist it Tight to stop the bleeding Nothing bites like living with yourself I don't know how you do it
I talked to the stars and they did not reply I am sick of the moon Big putrid eye of giant squid Bold macadamia
hellraiser 01:00
Copper turning green At the bottom of a well The likeness of a queen Imperial hellraiser I can't get past the world I'll stagger end to end The river's made of concrete now I bet the birds can tell
doom comin 00:46
Doom comin Riding a Segway Just in time for the fourth of July You gracefully change the subject And I ride the segue
fizzy water 00:48
These days I drink mostly fizzy water My favorite flavor is coconut I wonder if you'll ever get sober I wonder if you would call me up People can change and they usually don't People can change and they usually don't People can change and they usually don't I'm not the person I was But I'm still around if you're curious
The desert is an hourglass too wide for us to watch And mystery has died now all who's left is paradox Your mom asks me what I believe I beg to plead the fifth I'd say that god is you and me But not when we're like this
I thought we were the same but I wake up thirsty No matter how much you drink Gravity is over if you want it


14 tiny songs // 14 music videos // 8 artists // a mini visual album


released September 1, 2023

all songs written by Rosie Tucker

produced and recorded by Wolfy at Sucker Studios in Altadena, CA

drums - Sam Becht
bass - Rosie Tucker and Wolfy
guitars/synths/programming - Rosie Tucker and Wolfy
vocals - Rosie Tucker
additional vocals - Wolfy

mixed by Keith Armstrong at Pietown Sound in North Hollywood, CA
mastered by Jett Galindo at The Bakery in Culver City, CA


all rights reserved



Rosie Tucker Los Angeles, California

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